Grey matters

What can we do to improve the way we manage change in organisations? Simply understanding a little more about how our brains work can help us to work with the brain, rather than despite it. There's a real win-win here. In a time when organisations are focused on productivity but also concerned about the emotional and mental well-being of employees, neuroscience can provide practical insights into how to achieve both. It provides a new lens through which to understand people and their behaviour.

We bring hard science to employee engagement, performance and change. We do this through our consulting work, masterclasses and workshops. Hilary is a frequent international speaker at in-house and public conferences.

Neuroscience provides valuable insights into how our brains perceive, process and respond to work. The progress we are seeing in neuroscience and its application has the potential to help every organisation, leader and employee get the best from their brains. Neuroscience is playing a key role in helping us to understand how we best learn, focus, and motivate ourselves and others.
Hilary's one-day workshop material bridges the gap between the lab and the commercial world: it is a great synthesis of scientific research and practical implementation. It enables leaders to understand the science and then apply it to improve both their own performance and that of their teams. Participants will find this evidence-based course both challenging and stimulating and it will enable them to make changes that will have a significant impact.

Professor Vincent Walsh
University College London
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