We bring hard science to employee engagement, performance and change. We do this through our consulting work, masterclasses and workshops. Hilary is a frequent international speaker on applied neuroscience at in-house and public conferences.

Half-day workshop for in-house teams

We also facilitate a half-day workshop for in-house internal communication, HR, employee engagement and change practitioners. Here's what two clients have said:

"Neuroscience can help communicators keep it real. It's refreshing because it takes communication right back to fundamentals. It informs you about human responses, human brain wiring at the most basic level. It's also a way of challenging yourself. Is the time we're spending on our approach to engagement well spent? Are we fighting people's basic physiology...or are we working in sympathy with that? It's very useful for us as communicators, but it's also useful for leaders"
Claire Grundy, Diageo - interview with the Institute of Internal Communications (lolC)

" real rigour to your conversations when talking to people at board level who might see engagement as something fluffy because you have real evidence to back up theory. It was also a really good thing to do together as a team"
Clare Barclay, John Lewis Partnership interview with the lolC

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