We bring hard science to employee engagement, performance and change. We do this through our consulting work, masterclasses and workshops. Hilary is a frequent international speaker on applied neuroscience at in-house and public conferences.

Conference speaking

Hilary regularly speaks at both open and in-house conferences. Recent subjects include neuroscience and employee engagement, storytelling, getting the best out of your brain each day, neuroscience and leadership development. We also offer modules as part of leadership development programmes. Here's what a few people have said:

"Outstanding! Very powerful concepts that effectively link brain science with communication"

"Powerful information coupled with practical applications for the real world. Awesome session"

"Changed my view on using stories as part of people management"

"Hilary was an extraordinary presenter, and the topic was just so interesting"

"Hilary was a very engaging speaker, talking about a fascinating topic and making it relevant to our roles. Excellent"