We bring hard science to employee engagement, performance and change. We do this through our consulting work, masterclasses and workshops. Hilary is a frequent international speaker on applied neuroscience at in-house and public conferences.

One-day masterclass for leaders

We work with leaders to apply the insights neuroscience provides. In particular, our one-day masterclass explores how to enable organisations, teams and individuals to stay focused and perform at their best. We have been working with Professor Walsh of UCL to apply cognitive neuroscience to practical management tools.

Here's what a few participants have said:

"This is one of the very best of the many leadership training events I have attended"
"Great learning - from tangible actions through to mindfulness. Really got a lot out of it."
"Thank you. Today was fascinating and one of the most useful events I have attended in well, years."
"Really interesting learning - given me plenty to think about!"
"Very good course, very practical and very well delivered - excellent"
"Thanks again - I found this one of the most interesting and stimulating courses I've been on for a while and one of the very few which has led me to make changes to the way I do things in a longstanding way that seems likely to have a real beneficial impact."
"One of the best and most worthwhile training events. Well balanced and gave me a sense of direction. Excellent event - wholly enioyable experience"
"An exceptional level of input from our facilitators. lnformative, thought provoking and involving. First-rate."
"The best use of my time for many years"
"First class event from start to finish"
"Great event - facilitators really know their stuff and it came through loud and clear"
"I've learned more useful stuff today than in any other classroom learning I've done"

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